5 reasons to discover France by bike!
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5 reasons to discover France by bike!

France is a cycling destination par excellence! Cycling in France is the ideal way to take the time to discover the exceptional heritage that this country has to offer. Discover in our article five reasons to discover France by bike!


5 reasons to discover France by bike! (2) Un - an infinite variety of landscapes

France has a wide variety of landscapes: mountain chains, agricultural and wooded plains, wild coastlines, rocky coasts and sand dunes... For nature lovers, go to the middle of the Alpilles and discover Provence and its lavender fields; for mountain lovers, explore the Rhône-Alpes region which criss-crosses mountains, hills and lakes; for coastal landscape enthusiasts, discover the Emerald Coast and its wild beaches... 


5 reasons to discover France by bike! (3) Deux - an exceptional heritage, from majestic castles to small picturesque villages

Each French region has its own architectural and heritage treasures, the result of French history. Medieval cities and fortresses, Romanesque churches, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance castles, arenas, villages... 



france Trois - beautiful cycle paths, quiet country roads and many greenways

France has a wide range of cycling paths, cycle routes and safe greenways. You can cycle along "La Vélodyssée" which crosses Brittany and runs along the Atlantic coast; "La Loire à vélo" through the Pays des Châteaux, along the Loire; "La Vélo Francette" which crosses Normandy to the Atlantic coast; "La Via Rhôna" from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean... 


5 reasons to discover France by bike! (4) Quatre - pedal through the vineyards and discover world-renowned wines 

France is world famous for its wines. Take a trip along the wine routes of Alsace or Burgundy, meeting traditional winegrowers and wineries, or choose to discover Bordeaux, the French wine capital!




5 reasons to discover France by bike! (5)

Cinq - a world-renowned gastronomy

Finally, we cannot present France without mentioning its gastronomy. Foie gras from the South West, snails with parsley butter from Burgundy, Breton galettes, raclette and fondue from Savoy, ratatouille from Provence... 




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