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France: The best place to cycle, why...?

France is one of those countries which attracts visitors in a compelling way. An infinite wealth of historical monuments, an unending variety of landscapes and traditions and - of course - the sublime cuisine. Add to this a string of delights for the active traveller – an endless variety of peaceful cycling routes and limitless footpaths traversing the idyllic countryside – and you have all the ingredients for a perfect holiday!

In addition, the country has a growing network of interesting and varied cycling routes. There are good bikes, excellent roads, even the smallest ones are asphalted, and cycling paths, often called 'voies vertes' and you can take your two-wheeler on the train so you can easily return to your starting point. 

Five unarguable reasons to cycle in France

  • Un - infinite variation of nature and landscapes
  • Deux - heritage: from imposing castles to picturesque villages
  • Trois - beautiful cycling routes, hidden backroads, more and more bicycle paths
  • Quatre - more and more bike friendly, high quality rental bikes, also e-bikes
  • Cinq - good food and excellent wines in the country of 'Oh là là

Check out our video to discover five unarguable reasons to cycle in France:

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