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Things to know before starting your self-guided cycling holiday in France

So you want to find out more about cycling (holidays) in France?

Information from A to Z

All accommodation is carefully selected for its location, atmosphere and/or unique services. We choose comfortable 2*/3* hotels or B&Bs where all rooms have private en-suite bathroom and every morning breakfast is included. On several trips  you can choose between Comfort and Comfort +. The accommodations for a Comfort+ trip, will be in 3*/4 * hotels wherever possible (supplement applied). If you would like to find out more about the star rating system in France, please check out this page.

Day 1 of your holiday is arrival day, the day you travel to the starting point of your tour. We haven’t planned any cycling on this day. 

Bank details
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The easiest way to book your bike holiday, is to fill out our online booking form. But feel free to use e-mail or phone if you prefer. The booking will be definite and irrevocable as soon as the booking confirmation has been sent to you. Should you wish to make changes to your booking, this will be possible up to 21 days before the start of the holiday (if the hotels are still able to accept the changes). We charge €35, - per booking for processing the change irrespective of the number of participants.

In case you bring your own bike, we advise you bring also your own puncture kit in case you have to fix a flat tire. For minor repairs you can turn to a bicycle repairman. For anything bigger, call our service hotline.

Please refer to the section of our website dedicated to terms and conditions. To read our cancellation policy, click on the link.

Some of our bike tours are suitable for families with children. We rent out child bikes, child seats, trailers and trailer-bikes.

Check all the information you need to know on our Covid-information page 

Departure Day
The last day of the holiday is departure day: the day you check out of the hotel and travel home. We have not planned any cycling on this day. Rental bikes will not be available to you on this day. 

We have cycle tours for cyclists of all ability levels, as our tours have varying degrees of difficulty. The classification below should be regarded as a global indication of cycling difficulty levels and is intended only to help compare the tours.

Level 1 *
Easy cycling on nearly flat terrain, also possible for those with little or no cycling experience. The daily distances are approximately 20-40 km in general. Bicycles with up to 3 gears are suitable. All our adult rental bikes have at least 21 gears.
Level 2 **
Cycling on nearly flat to hilly terrain, for the infrequent cyclist. The daily distances vary between 30 and 50 km, and you may encounter a short ascent (of max 200m) from time to time. A bicycle with a minimum of 7 gears is suitable. All our adult rental bikes have at least 21 gears.
Level 3 ***
Cycling in hilly areas for the fit and frequent cyclist. The daily distances vary between 35 and 65 km, and you will encounter some steep or extended ascents of up to 500m. You will need a bicycle with at least 21 gears. 
Level 4 ****
Demanding cycling in areas where you cannot avoid steep and extended ascents of up to 750 m. Training and cycling experience are required. The daily distances range from 40 to 80 km. You will need a durable bicycle with at least 21 gears.
Level 5 *****
Serious and strenuous cycling trips in mountainous areas. Slopes are longer and/or steeper than in the previous category and the daily distances range from 50 to 100 km. Excellent physical condition and wide cycling experience are required, as well as an adequate mountain climbing bicycle. Includes racing tours.

Your luggage – one suitcase per person (max. 20 kilo) – will be transported by us from hotel to hotel. The luggage is picked up after 9 a.m. and usually delivered to your next hotel before 5 p.m.
We will handle your luggage with care. With normal use scratches, dents and other minor damages of your suitcases can occur. For this, we are not responsible. For large damages you can file a claim with your travel and/or luggage insurance. 

As soon as we can confirm your holiday, we will send you the travel agreement (contract) per e-mail. It will stipulate the sum of your down payment, to be paid immediately (20% of the total price of your holiday). The remaining sum is due no later than 4 weeks before the starting date of your holiday.

Secure payment on a dedicated space  
You can pay your reservation directly online by credit card (Visa and Mastercard). The payment will be made via a secured space, thanks to the Up2Pay payment solution (Service of the Credit Agricole bank).

We will send you a link, which will direct you to a secured payment page Up2Pay. This is a secured payment module of our bank (Crédit Agricole).  You will then have to indicate your 16-digit card number, its expiration date, and the cryptogram on the back of the card (last 3 characters) or CVC (last 4 characters if payment is made via Amex). 

Most hotels don’t accept pets. If you want to take your dog with you on your holiday, please contact us to discuss the options.

Round trips
Part of our tours are round trips, i.e. the hotel where you start your holiday is also the hotel you return to at the end. Free parking is not standard for all our tours.     

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