How to pack for your cycling trip?
FIND your perfect trip!
Find your perfect
cycle trip!

How to pack for your cycling trip?

How to pack for a bike trip? And anticipate the logistics? At French Bike Tours we take care of the logistics! From organising your itinerary to booking your accommodation and to transferring your bags... The only thing you will have to do is: Bike, Breathe & Discover.



We recommend to take only the essentials with you: prepare a suitcase that we can transfer between the destinations on your journey. All our rental bikes come with a pannier. This small pannier will hold everything you need such as spare battery and a phone holder, pocket knife, helmet, raingear, warm jacket, windbreaker, sunglasses, some food and enough liquids to hydrate yourself. 


➡️ Check out our video to find out more 


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